2016 Was One Long Climate Change Horror Story

From the melting ice caps and retreating glaciers to intense droughts followed by deadly floods, here is how global warming affected the planet in 2016.

Death and devastation marred 2016 as one of the worst years in recent history.

From the destruction in Aleppo to the unexpected election victory of Donald Trump, this year has been a long roller coaster ride of misery and pain. The world lost a number of iconic celebrities, athletes, politicians and public figures and witnessed the rise of racism, xenophobia and hatred across the world.

While there was some good stuff that restored our faith in humanity this year, it is also pertinent to mention how awful 2016 has been to climate change.

The Arctic experienced record-breaking warm temperatures since at least 1900. If the trend continues, the ongoing glacial retreat could likely reduce the polar bear population by a third in coming years. Similarly, thanks to mass bleaching due to rising sea temperature, the Great Barrier witnessed the largest coral die-off ever recorded.

To find out more about how global warming affected the planet in 2016 check out the video above.

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