2017’s Most Popular Word Is 'Complicit' Thanks To The Trumps

From Russia to the various other scandals, President Donald Trump and his family seem to have inspired countless Americans to search for the word "complicit" online.

Trump frowns as he is accompanied by his children and son-in-law.

As we enter the holiday season and the year draws to a close, Dictionary.com has announced that the website’s word of the year is “complicit,” and it’s clear that President Donald Trump and the string of scandals attached to his name are the reason why.

Throughout the year, site lexicographer Jane Solomon said, the search for the word increased nearly 300 percent, topping searches for other popular words, such as "intersex," "horologist," and "totality." She believes that the various political events that have taken place in 2017 might be why.

First, the site registered an increase in the search for the word on March 12, the day after a “Saturday Night Live” sketch with Scarlett Johansson playing Ivanka Trump showed the president’s daughter selling a fragrance called “Complicit.”

The second major increase in searches related to the word came in April when Trump’s eldest daughter said she didn’t know “what it means to be complicit."

A third spike in searches happened in October when Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake said he would forego seeking re-election as he was not willing to “be complicit” in pushing the president’s agenda.

It’s safe to say that as the various scandals surrounding the Trump administration escalate, from the alleged Russian collusion to the millions of dollars spent on protecting the Trump family and the several cases of conflict of interest tied to members of the administration, the word “complicit” would be highly sought after.

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