The New Brock Turner: Man Gets 30 Days For Molesting Child He Babysat

In a legal case being touted as the “new Brock Turner,” a 23-year-old in Missouri received just 30 days behind bars for sexually abusing an 8-year-old, twice.

A resident of Missouri received a disturbingly short prison sentence for molesting a boy multiple times, leaving the public angry and dumbfounded.

In June, Joseph Presley, a 23-year-old youth minister, pleaded guilty to sexually abusing a young boy he was babysitting, on two different occasions. The eight-year-old boy said that Presley touched him twice on his “private parts,” but only told his mother about it after the second incident because Presley told him not to tell.

Presley’s judge—who is being compared to Stanford rapist Brock Turner’s judge Aaron Persky—did not opt to give Presley 15 years of prison, which is the maximum sentence for inappropriately touching an underage victim.

Calvin Holden,

Instead, in mid-August, Green County Judge Calvin Holden gave Presley a sentence of just 30 days in prison. Presley will also be forced to register as a sex offender and will be on probation for five years.

Initially, Judge Holden decided to give Presley 10 years in jail, but changed the verdict to a month behind bars. According to Uproxx, the judge did not disclose why he changed his mind to switch Presley’s sentence to such a short period of time.

The frequency of such instances of leniency in courtroom verdicts for sex offenders is troubling at best. Some of the reactions, however, appear to be less concerned for the well-being of the child victim than the fact that the judge would have given a harsher sentence if Presley was a minority.


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