27-Year-Old Mother Of Two Was Murdered For Her $3,000 Tax Return

While tax returns usually bring some happiness or financial relief to most, one woman was murdered by three people who were after the money she received.

Keiauna Davis, a 27-year-old woman from Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania, was killed by three assailants after being set up by a coworker in late February.

On the day of her death, Davis was carrying $3,000 in cash from a tax return she’d recently received, and it was for this money that her attackers took her life.

Davis had been planning to throw a birthday party for her 3-year-old daughter Aliviyah — now 4 years old — on the following day. The young mother planned on buying supplies for the occasion after finishing her workday at the Dollar General store where she worked.

Her 21-year-old coworker Laya Alana Whitley, who knew about the money Davis was carrying, contacted 21-year-old Dane James Taylor to plot the robbery. Taylor hired a 23-year-old acquaintance named Kaijin Xavier Scott for $800 to drive the car they’d need.

The two men followed Davis as she walked home from work. After stopping the car in front of her to pretend to fix something, Taylor jumped from the car, chased Davis, and proceeded to attack her. According to police, he fired two shots at Davis during a scuffle — the first bullet missed.

Whitley, Taylor, and Scott have all been arrested.

In addition to 4-year-old Aliviyah, Davis has a 6-year-old daughter named Azaylah.

Davis’ mother, Sheila Detwiler, was hoping to purchase a bigger home in Charlotte than the one she currently lives in so that Davis and her two girls could move in with her.

“It wasn't just $3,000 you took. You took so much more from so many people,” Detwiler said of her daughter’s killers. She described Davis as a “fun mom” who loved being a mother.

In response to posts on social media victim-blaming Davis for carrying her tax return in cash, Detwiler dismissed the notion that this gave anyone the right to kill her daughter. “I don't care if she told the whole world about it,” she said. “It's ridiculous.”

A GoFundMe campaign, which appears to no longer be active, to help pay for Davis’ funeral raised roughly $12,000 in a few days. Detweiler said any money left over would go toward Aliviyah and Azaylah’s futures in North Carolina, where they’ll be moving to live with their grandmother and aunt.

Though her daughter is gone, Detweiler believes that the culprits are in for a worse fate. “They will suffer much more than my daughter did,” she said. “They've got the rest of their lives to suffer. I want this to haunt them.” 

Now, a woman's life is gone, two young children are motherless, and the attackers face a future behind bars, all over just $3,000. This crime was completely thoughtless and sickening.  

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Reuters, Joshua Lott

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