3-Year-Old Dies After Being Trapped On Bus With 113-Degree Heat

The child was on the bus for at least three and a half hours during an especially hot day in Houston, discovered only when his father came to pick him up.

Tragedy struck Houston on Thursday evening when the body of a 3-year-old boy was found on a scorching hot bus that his day care had used earlier in the day.

The 3-year-old, who was enrolled in a day care called “Discovering Me Academy,” had been with 28 of his classmates on a field trip earlier in the day at a park nearby. The bus drove them back from the park, arriving at the daycare around 2:30 or 3 p.m.

Documents from the school show that the boy was listed as accounted for by staff. But when the boy’s father came to pick him up around 6:30 p.m., he was not in the school.

They discovered the boy’s unresponsive body on the bus, which recorded a temperature of 113 degrees at the time they found him. Investigators said that the school, including the bus driver and a chaperone on the field trip, are cooperating in the investigation into the child’s death.

Houston Constable Alan Rosen urged parents to take action to prevent such tragedies from happening to them.

“Do something that always reminds you that you have a loving package in the backseat of that car,” he said.

Other technologies are being explored to help prevent these types of deaths from happening, but ultimately the responsibility rests with those who are charged with being caretakers for these kids.

On average, 37 child deaths happen each year due to being trapped inside an overheated vehicle. These deaths can be prevented, and every parent, teacher, bus driver, and anyone else looking after a child, should check twice every time they depart from their car in hot weather.

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