40 People Did Nothing After Viewing Teen’s Sexual Assault On Facebook

At least 40 people watched a Facebook Live video of a 15-year-old missing teen being sexually assaulted by a handful of males and did nothing about it.

Rape culture is truly infuriating.

Nearly 40 people watched a Facebook Live video of a 15-year-old Chicago girl being sexually assaulted by five or six males, and not a single soul reported it to authorities, The Root reports.

Law enforcement was notified when the victim’s mother went to Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson on Monday afternoon to report that her daughter had been missing and show him screenshots from the broadcasted assault.

Anthony Guglielmi, a spokesman for the Chicago Police Department, said that Johnson called upon investigators to examine the case, and the department asked the social media platform to remove the video, to which it complied.

By Tuesday, the teen was found and reunited with her family, but the investigation is still underway. According to The Associated Press, the girl said she knew at least one of her attackers, however no arrests have been made as of yet.

Even more disturbing than the assault itself is that people actually watched the horrific scene and did nothing about it. Unfortunately, authorities are unable to find out the identities of the viewers without issuing a subpoena to Facebook after first proving “a nexus to criminal activity,” according to the AP.

Additionally, Jeffrey Urdangen, a professor at Northwestern University’s law school and director of the school’s Center for Criminal Defense, noted that it is not illegal to watch such content and not report it. Furthermore, child pornography violations, apparently, wouldn’t apply unless these viewers were downloading the material.

Essentially, a bunch of legalities protect these people from being held accountable for perpetuating rape culture by treating a sexual assault as entertainment. 

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