5 Things Vladimir Putin Should Do Now That He Is Single

Vladimir Putin is single and it goes without saying that he is ready to mingle! According to Lyudmila, his wife, she wasn’t comfortable with all that “publicity” and decided to part ways.

Vladimir Putin

But a deeper analysis of the (former) couple’s relationship tells us that they had split up a long (long) time ago. They were rarely seen in public together, barely saw each other. Apparently it was a common decision and both of them have quite peacefully parted their ways.

This means Mr. Vladimir Putin, who is (rightfully) thought to be one of those stylish villains of Hollywood movies, is now available to all those ladies who had been swooning over him all these years.



They man is 60 and still hasn’t lost his youthful charm. In fact it seems like he is constantly getting younger with time. He is not one of those regular presidents. He enjoys ice hockey, horse riding, water rafting, drives cars, knows martial arts, and goes on vacations. He has also done a lot of work for animal protection. A rather colorful personality he has, don’t you think? He has the ability to crush his opponents and look cute at the same time!



But now that he is not in a relationship, we might want him try out new stuff (not that he was not doing “stuff” when he was married). Since he has so much to offer as an individual, let’s see what ‘we think’ he should do.

1-      He Could Teach Martial Arts …. To Women:

Everyone knows how women should be strong and independent. And what could be better than learning Judo for self-defense. But then again these things require a lot of practice and concentration and the only thing that can keep a student focused, is a good teacher. And the only thing that can keep the student focused and interested is a supremely gorgeous teacher. So ladies! Wouldn’t you like Putin as your martial arts instructor? Then it’s up to you if you want to stick to martial or ‘marital’ arts.

Vladimir Putin

2-      Putin, Woman Vs. Wild:

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin loves animals and also works for their protection. So what could be better than to be out on an adventure with him and save wildlife at the same time! I know this is how women would react if they ever got a chance to do that:



3-      Musician/Singer:

Putin is a performer. He has sung on different occasions and plays the piano very well. And what could be better than having a cute, brawny, and intelligent, bad-boy-recently-single sort of singer who knows the right keys to play!

Isn’t he just adorable?

4-      Who Wants To Marry Vladimir Putin?:

For a single and a supremely naughty 60-year-old man, a reality television series like “Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire?” would be like a dream come true. Putin is a man of many talents. He can be the ideal man to do a show like that. We can also name the show as “Who wants to marry a multi-talented Putin?” This man can make animals out of balloons guys!



Surely the President of Russia would be in much more demand than Rick Rockwell.

5-      Get Married Again!

And last but certainly not the least. This man should get married again. After all a lot of ladies would be dying to take Lyudmila’s place. He shouldn’t be that harsh to not get married again.




Though his re-marriage would break a lot of hearts, we don’t think that it’s good for Russia for him to be single- I am sure you know what I mean.

Meanwhile, we guess this is what Vladimir Putin must be feeling like doing after his separation:



What else do you think he should do? You can share your opinions in the comments section.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Michael Klimentyev

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