Necklaces And Hairstyles Get 50 People Arrested In Saudi Arabia

People in Saudi Arabia cannot choose to wear what they like, or get their hair cut as they please, without being harassed by the moral police.

When it comes to development in terms of infrastructure, technology and economy, Saudi Arabia appears to be on the forefront, constantly adapting to changes, and moving a notch higher.

On the other hand, however, the Middle Eastern country cannot seem to display the slightest bit of flexibility in its rules regarding moral policing on its citizens, hitting off the wrong note with many people.

Like decades ago, women are still not allowed to drive, people of the opposite gender are not allowed to mingle with one another if they do not have blood ties, and both genders are not allowed to wear clothes or dress in any manner that resembles “western ways.” One can only wonder how long this system will continue.

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In the latest news, 50 young men in Riyadh were arrested for donning haircuts, necklaces and apparel that do not coincide with “Islamic teachings.”

"They were handed over to the department of criminal investigations," said Saudi news website, Sabq.

Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman hopes to bring about social change in the country by encouraging more entertainment, sports and cultural opportunities. However, it is not clear whether or not he will be successful, given the power of Saudi Arabia’s moral police.

The moral police were stripped of their right to arrest people in April and the Haia force, responsible for advising people on decent clothing, is now only allowed to advise people on how to dress.

Saudi Arabia is known to have a clear set of rules regarding the type of clothes that should be worn. While women are required to wear headscarves and loose fitting black gowns, men must wear full-length pants and shirts. Men are not allowed to don “unislamic hairstyles” such as mohawks, and mustn’t wear any jewelry except for a ring and wrist watch.

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