Just A Reminder That 565 Immigrant Children Haven't Been Reunited

The process of reuniting immigrant kids with their parents is going dismally slow — many have, unfortunately, moved on from the issue to different topics.

Hundreds of children of immigrants who were separated by the United States government upon crossing the southern border have yet to be reunited with their parents, according to court documents released on Thursday.

In total, 565 children remain separated due to the abhorrent policy implemented by the administration of President Donald Trump earlier this year, which forced children to be separated from parents as their families sought asylum in the U.S.

The revelation of the latest figure comes three weeks after the Trump administration missed a court-ordered deadline to reunite all families who had been tragically separated by the now-ended policy. The process is going dismally slow; just two weeks ago, 572 children were reported still being held in detention centers, meaning since that time only seven children have been successfully reunited with their parents.

As some journalists have pointed out, the outrage over the policy has dimmed, and many Americans have moved on, paying attention to other stories in the mainstream media while seemingly forgetting the plight of these children.

“Interest in the Omarosa story far exceeds interest in the child separation story, even at its June peak. This week, despite hundreds of kids still in limbo, child separation barely registers,” journalist Judd Legum wrote in his email newsletter.

Other stories that come about are, of course, important to pay attention to. But this story is not yet finished — with hundreds of children still kept away from their parents, Americans need to continue putting pressure on their lawmakers and the Trump administration to fix this mess right now.

It may turn out that some of these children will remain orphaned when all is said and done. If that’s the case, the Trump administration bears all of the blame for implementing the policy which called for their separation from their parents in the first place.

This whole ordeal will become the administration’s legacy, one which the American people cannot allow themselves to forget.

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