5-Year-Old Dead After Finding Loaded Gun Under Grandma’s Pillow

A Detroit family is grieving the loss of a 5-year-old girl named Mariah who accidentally shot herself dead with a loaded gun she found under a pillow.

A 5-year-old Detroit girl, Mariah Davis, fatally shot herself with a gun she found under her grandmother’s pillow.

The child’s aunt, Shawnte McMichael, told reporters that Mariah along with her 1-year-old brother and another 3-year-old child were all supposed to be under their grandparents’ supervision Tuesday night when the shooting occurred.

"They heard the shot and her granddaddy ran in there like, 'What was that?' And she was laying on the bed with her dolls," McMichael recounted.

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Mariah managed to pull the trigger of the gun and shoot herself in the neck. Local reporters say the girl’s mother is “inconsolable.”

The grandmother — who placed the gun under the pillow — was purportedly in the kitchen cooking when Mariah got ahold of the gun.

She was rushed to the local hospital where she was later pronounced dead. Authorities are reportedly conducting an investigation of the tragic incident.

Tragedies of this nature seem to be a common occurrence.

Accidental shootings have been responsible for multiple deaths and severe injuries recently including the death of a 15-year-old boy who shot himself while taking a selfie with a gun and a 26-year-old mother of three who was fatally shot by her two-year-old son.

While gun control measures need some serious reform, gun safety goes beyond legislation.

How can you claim you deserve to exercise your constitutional right to own a gun when you aren’t responsible enough to maintain gun safety at all times?

Keeping a loaded firearm underneath one’s pillow isn’t safe for anyone — especially in the presence of children left unattended — any adult should know better than that.

Police have questioned the grandparents, but there have been no arrests on behalf of Mariah’s death. 

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