Autistic Boy And Shelter Dogs Beat Loneliness With Story Time

“If I read to the dogs they will come out of their cages and find homes,” 6-year-old Jacob, who is autistic, says.

A 6-year-old autistic boy from La Habra, California, is finding a way to confront his academic difficulties and improve the lives of shelter dogs at Carson Animal Shelter in Los Angeles County at the same time.

Jacob, who evidently has a kind heart, takes out time every Thursday to read to the dogs at the shelter to prep them for adoption. 

Until a year ago, the little boy’s parents were concerned about him not doing too well at school, but his regular visits to the animal’s shelter have helped him climb the ladder of academic success. Jacob’s aunt Lisa Ferranti, an animal rescue worker, first introduced him to the shelter and he soon became a regular visitor.

“If I read to the dogs they will come out of their cages and find homes,” Jacob told NBC News. “They have to find new homes because they are alone.”

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“Jacob is so calming,” Ferranti said. “He walks through and he's not yelling or banging on the cages. He comes with a book and his mat and sets it up, and the dogs just listen.”

The boy also has one special fan who carefully listens to him as he reads various books every week. A video captured during one of Jacob’s visits to the shelter shows the special bond the little boy and his furry friend, Pirate, share.

Jacob’s parents have reported a significant improvement in the boy’s academics as he has now moved on to grade 3, and they attribute his success to the regular reading practice and his interaction with the animals.

Check out the heart-warming video above.

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