Brave 6-Year-Old Girl Tries To Take On Axe-Wielding Robber

Sarah Patel sprang into action as armed robbers entered her father’s shop and one of the intruders attacked an employee in front of her.



A 6-year-old girl in Auckland, New Zealand, is being called brave beyond her years after she tried to stop an axe-wielding intruder from attacking an employee during an armed robbery.

The incident occurred on Sept. 5 when a gang of six armed men broke into Suhail Patel’s electrical shop.

CCTV cameras inside the electrical shop captured the moment his daughter, Sarah, tried to help a staff member when a robber, brandishing a small axe, started kicking, punching and threatening him.

Patel told the New Zealand Herald she was “trying to save” the employee.

When Sarah faced the attacker and his weapon up close, she decided to focus on safety instead. The Guardian reports the little girl then helped her grandfather out of the room to a safe spot.

Patel said he is proud of his daughter, who, despite her bravery, was left shaken.

“Last night she was very upset, was in shock. We’ve been trying to say to her ‘You’re the bravest girl’, that sort of thing,” he said.

West Auckland police arrested the robbers and five 16-year-old boys have been charged with “aggravated robbery, injuring with intent and breaching bail.” The sixth suspect is still at large.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Hannibal Hanschke 

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