Teen Gets 60 Students And Teachers To Participate In Yearbook Prank

A persuasive junior at Sleepy Hollow High School in New York convinced nearly 60 people to wear the same shirt for a yearbook photo.

Aloha! Hang loose and be identical!

Dave Husselbee, a junior and soon-to-be senior at Sleepy Hollow High School, persuaded almost 60 staff, faculty, and students to wear the exact same bright yellow shirt for their yearbook photo this year.

Husselbee bought only five Hawaiian shirts and once each person wearing the identical shirts was finished with their yearbook photo, they would remove the shirt and pass it off to another person awaiting their photo, according to ABC News.

Carol Conklin-Spillane, the school’s principal, praised the student’s popular prank and believed it was even part of the inviting spirit of the school.

“The best part is that this is who we are at Sleepy Hollow High School. It’s a very warm, wonderful place,” Conklin-Spillane said.

The bold, picture-perfect prank left some of the school faculty members unsure of whether or not to participate.

“Some of the staff was unsure but once the chair of the science department decided to do it, all the others were enthusiastic,” Husselbee said.

When "Good Morning America" posted the story on their Facebook page, social media users were in a frenzy and wrote mostly positive comments about the prank.

“This is something that they will all remember until they no longer breathe. When they get to go to their 50 year class reunion, they will still be laughing together,” Sharon Haywood said on the social media site.                                    

Angela Barringer, another Facebook user, posted on the site her views of being in shock that there were not any repercussions with the dress code for picture day.

“I am surprised in today’s world that the school didn’t complain that it wasn’t within the dress code policy,” Barringer said.

The best part about this end-of-the-year prank is that it was light-heartened, not one go hurt or was in danger, and even school administrators joined in on the fun.

Banner Image Credit: @ABC, Twitter

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