Shocking Image Of 7-Month-Old’s Murder Shows Tragic Plight Of Mexicans

The brutal murder of the 7-month-old and his parents gives a face to the ongoing crisis in Mexico, long ignored by the world.

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It is but a glimpse of the ongoing crisis of Mexico.

Just like the images of a drowned Syrian toddler Aylan Kurdi threw global spotlight onto the Middle Eastern migrant boat disasters last year, the photo of a 7-month-old baby lying dead on a sidewalk between his parents has sparked nationwide in Mexico.

Unknown assailants shot Marcos Miguel Pano Colón and his parents Juan Alberto Pano Ramos, 24, and his mother Alba Isabel Colón, 17, in Pinotepa Nacional in the Oaxaca region outside a convenience store, reported.

Photos of their lifeless bodies have taken the social media by storm, with many calling it a devastating symbol of the tragedy that has engulfed Mexico for years, yet has remained largely ignored as far as international humanitarian emergencies are concerned.

Drug cartel and gang violence related murders have surged over the past several years in Mexico. In fact, according to PBS, “killings in Mexico have steadily, if quietly, outpaced the number of civilian deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq combined.”

More than 164,000 people died, 20,000 went missing and over 70 journalists and media workers have been killed in Mexico since the Mexican government started its war with drug traffickers in December 2006.

Apart from the murders and the constant fear of death, government inaction has further fueled resentment among citizens against Mexican authorities, especially the army, which is rumored to “enforce disappearances.” But anger or short-lived protests have not attracted significant international support.

For now, much of the world is transfixed on the refugee crisis in Europe. But the unchecked violence in Mexico merits equal attention of the international community.

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