Watch 7 Times Politicians Failed Utterly And Miserably At Sports

One thing is for certain: Politicians might be good with words but most of them have two left feet and can’t throw a ball without making a spectacle of themselves.

It might be far easier for athletes to join politics than it is for politicians to try their luck at sports — or so it appears.

While our leaders might be good with words, not all of them are good at wielding a baseball bat or putting a basketball through a hoop. In fact, some of their attempts in the past have turned out to be simultaneously embarrassing and hilarious.

For instance, remember the time when former Republican presidential candidate and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio accidentally hit a kid with a basketball during a campaign stop or when former U.S. President George H. W. Bush lost his balance while bowling and ended up on the floor?

There was also this one time when former London Mayor Boris Johnson rugby tackled a tiny Japanese kid in front of thousands of people.

Check out the video above to watch politicians completely out of their comfort zone, attempting to play sports.

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