79-Year-Old Grandma Knits Hilarious Personalized Gift For Donald Trump

A grandmother from Houston expressed her anti-Trump sentiments using lots of wits and some yarn and now the internet is hailing her as a hero.

Just a day before President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration, thousands of people are making their anti-Trump sentiments heard by participating in protests or boycotting the event on television.

However, this 79-year-old grandma has chosen a different path. She is taking on Trump with a personalized gift she made herself.

Elsie Hay Cook, living in Houston, Texas, is part of a Facebook group called Addicted to Knitting. Just a few days ago, the elderly woman posted about “p**** hats” that she had knitted for the upcoming Women’s March.

Unfortunately, she received a lot of backlash from other members of the group who did not support her stance, but Cook would not let anything get her down.

The cool grandma once again took to the social media page and posted a photo of tiny hand gloves with the caption “I just finished these gloves for the president-elect to wear for his inauguration. Do they make Priority Mail container in Size Tiny?”

 Interestingly, Cook hasn’t even knitted the gloves herself, but instead just simply shared a photo from a video about doll gloves.

People on the group didn’t take the joke very well, as it turns out. Speaking to BuzzFeed, the lady said she was accused of “body parts shaming.”

“I never dreamed I would have caused all this stink,” Cook told BuzzFeed. “I’m still knitting p***y hats, so I don’t have time to fool with it too much.”

For many, though, Elsie has become a social media star:






Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Leah Millis

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