8YO Dead From Meth Overdose After Father Refused To Call 911

Curtis’ father had four hours to call 911. He knew his son’s life was in danger but he did not summon help because he did not want to go back to prison.



An 8-year-old boy’s life was cut short when he overdosed on meth and his father refused to call 911 for help, Buzzfeed News reported.

Curtis Collman III was apparently very hungry and asked his father, Curtis Collman II, for food. His father told him they had none and went to sleep.

Investigators believe the child then consumed meth, which was kept in a clear glass plate, in the kitchen, probably mistaking it for cereal.

His father had four hours to call 911. He knew his son’s life was in danger but he did not summon help because he did not want to go back to prison.

And in doing so, Curtis lost his life.

The child’s autopsy report showed he died of acute methamphetamine intoxication. He had consumed 18,000 nanograms per milliliter of meth, 180 times the lethal dosage, according to detective Thomas Barker of the Jackson County Sheriff's Department.

"All we can show is that he was in the house with meth and that somehow he came in contact with the meth," Barker said.

Collman told the investigators that when he got up his son was “not acting tight” and “burning up hot.” At that point he called a female friend, Sarah Doty, over to help with Curtis, whose condition was getting “bad” and he was hallucinating.

When Doty arrived at Collman’s, Curtis told her he was seeing double. Doty urged they call the police, upon which Collman threatened to shoot all three of them, after which she left the house as she feared for her life.

By then the boy had grown stiff like “a muscle spasm,” according to Curtis’ father, who then hysterically drove him to his parent’s house.

According to Collman’s mother, Geneva Collman, despite the fact that Curtis was turning blue and having seizures, his father did not let them call the authorities that may have been able to say the 8-year-old’s life.

After Collman left his parents house, Geneva called 911.

When he returned again with Curtis, he hugged him and told him not to leave him, according to Geneva. He was crying and “acting crazy” and even threatened to take his own life. He left his parents house before the police arrived.

Upon his capture, Collman insisted Curtis could not have taken his meth, claiming it was still in the plate from his “hot rail” when he left the house. He suggested the boy must have come in contact with some chemicals from the bathroom.

When asked why he didn’t call for help when his son was in excruciating pain, he said he “panicked.”

"You have an 8-year-old child that most likely suffered for many hours," Barker told Wave 3 News. "It upsets you.”

Curtis was just about to start third grade.

“Baby Curtis was full of life, he enjoyed riding his bike, watching SpongeBob & Minecraft tutorials,  playing with nerf guns, and playing video games,” one of his obituary read.

Collman has been charged with neglect of a dependent resulting in death, intimidation by pointing a firearm at a person, possession of methamphetamine, and theft. He is also reportedly a sex offender and facing an additional charge of failure to register as one.

He is currently is jail with a cash bond of $50,000.

Thumbnail/ Banner Credits: Jackson County Sheriff’s Office Website

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