Little Girl Who Asked Cops To Keep Her Safe Dies Of A Stray Bullet

A little girl, concerned about whether the police forces can protect her and others in the neighborhood, lost her life before her 10th birthday.

A 9-year-old girl from Milwaukee lost her battle for life on May 16, after a stray bullet slammed through her living room, fatally injuring her.

Only a few days before, Za’layia Jenkins came across police Capt. Shunta Boston-Smith in her neighborhood, and asked him if the police could keep her safe. Sadly, they were unable to do so.

The stray bullet that killed Za’layia came from a shootout between two armed groups on the street. Those involved have not been identified and the police are looking for the driver of a green Jeep Cherokee, who they think has some information on the incident.

Za’layia's family was going to honor her with a march on May 17, which also marked her 10th birthday. Tragically, she died the day before, and so her loved ones proceeded with the march without her.

“Today is her day. It’s her birthday so we want friends to come march with us and show Lay Lay you love her,” the girl’s aunt, Precious Boone, told TMJ 4.

The incident is heartbreaking, considering that a child just starting her life died from violence on the street. Tens of thousands of people die from gun violence every year in the United States. When will this country finally act so children like Za’layia aren't gunned down before they have a chance to really live?

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