92-Year-Old Grandpa Assaulted By Woman Yelling ‘Go back to Mexico’

"Who would do this to anybody? A 92-year-old senior citizen, what can he do to anybody? There's no harm that he meant."


A 92-year-old man, usually accompanied by his wife, used to walk around his neighborhood in Los Angeles every single day.

However, Rodolpho Rodriguez’s Willowbrook stroll on Fourth of July ended up with him in a hospital bed with broken ribs and a severely wounded face.

Rodriguez, who is a grandfather, was viciously attacked by a woman who beat him with a brick after he reportedly bumped into her toddler while on the sidewalk just few feet away from his house.

According to his family, the woman was then joined by several other assailants who jumped in to attack the old man – for apparently no reason at all.

While the violent group beat Rodriguez, they also reportedly told him to go back to Mexico– which just confirms the ugly truth of the current times that even such an elderly man was not spared by bigots who no longer try to keep their venomous sentiments to themselves.

Fortunately, an eyewitness, Misbel Borjas, intervened and snapped a photo of the woman who was spewing racist comments.

"Oh my god. It's too offensive," she said.

“The woman pushed him and dropped him. She took the block of concrete and hit him in his head many times. That's why it was very bad," the witness added.

All of the attackers were reportedly African Americans.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has launched an investigation to find the assailants. As of yet, no arrests have been made.

The old man was left with several injuries – including two broken ribs, a broken cheekbone and lots of bruising.

"Who would do this to anybody?" said Rodriguez's grandson Erik Mendoza. "A 92-year-old senior citizen, what can he do to anybody? There's no harm that he meant."

Even the man’s neighbors were shaken by the incident.

“He’s an old guy. Nobody shouldn't even harm him 'cause I wouldn't want to see nobody hurting my father or mother. I wouldn't want to see somebody jump on an older guy like that," neighbor Margie Morris added.

Rodriguez might be in a frail condition, but he is also determined to get his assailants punished and to pay his medical bills.

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