98-Year-Old Man Walks Six Miles To See His Wife In The Hospital

Luther Younger, 98, has been married for 50 years to his wife, Waverlee. She went to the hospital weeks ago, but Luther didn't let that stop him from seeing her.

Luther Younger of Rochester, New York, is 98 years old. The Korean War veteran is completely devoted to the love of his life, his wife Waverlee. And he’s willing to walk any distance to prove it.

Younger, in fact, has started walking six miles to the nearest hospital in order to visit his wife of 50 years.

“I ain’t nothing without my wife,” he explained.

Waverlee has been fighting brain cancer since 2009. She is paralyzed because of her illness and has been hospitalized for the past two weeks.

Younger, ever the devoted spouse, wouldn’t let the six-mile difference between them stop him from seeing her. So he decided to start walking whenever he could make it to the hospital, to be at her bedside.

Walking is something his children say is typical of their father.

“My dad’s always walked. He says he does it to stay alive,” his daughter, Lutha Younger, said. “He still says, ‘Nope I have to get out there to my wife. I have to go.’”

On Tuesday, Younger was walking to visit his wife once again — this time, doing so in the pouring rain. Dan Bookhard was driving by when he saw the elderly Younger walking. He knew he had to pull over.

“My upbringing; when you see somebody elderly, when you see somebody struggling when it’s raining... I had to pick him up, and I couldn’t be one of the ones who would just drive by,” Bookhard said.

Waverlee’s illness has been especially hard on Younger.

“It's been a rough pull. It's been tough,” he said, choking back tears.

Such devotion is rare. Many people, of course, love their spouses and would do almost anything to show that love for them firsthand.

But Younger’s actions stand out as truly remarkable — a man, nearly a century old, walking six miles, sometimes through the rain, to see his wife in the hospital before walking six miles back to his home. His is an inspiring story, an example that those of us who are lucky to have love in our lives should aspire to emulate.

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