Man Has Had It With Neighborhood After Sixth Car Crashes Into His Home

A family in Raleigh, North Carolina intend to move after their home had been hit by half a dozen drivers since they moved in more than a decade ago.

After a car ran into someone’s home once or twice, one would think that the homeowner would move away in a heartbeat, but for this North Carolina resident, it took six car accidents.

Carlo Bernarte finally plans on moving out of his home after it was hit for the sixth time over the weekend, ABC 11 reported.

Carlo Bernarte To Move Out Of Accident-Prone Home

When he walked through the familiar damage to his home, he said, “I’m numb. The people who have the power to help me in my situation, I don’t think, I’m not a priority to them.”

Bernarte moved into his home on the corner of Fawn Glen Circle and New Hope Road in Raleigh, North Carolina in 2004 and is no stranger to cars crashing into his house.

Since he and his family moved in, their home was hit by a car before he moved in and in 2007, 2008, 2013, 2015 and just recently this year.

Along with major damage to his property from the multiple crashes, Bernarte also lost his homeowner’s insurance due to the frequent incidents.

“From like two accidents ago, already sent me a letter that they’re like canceling it because of the frequency,” he said.

Bernarte asked city engineers if he could extend a guardrail nearby and they warned him that the extension would block the line of sight for drivers leaving his neighborhood.

“They said the only way they could extend the guardrail is if they close access to the neighborhood,” he said.

He also told the media that prior to the most recent crash into his home, another driver nearly crashed into his home the week before.

“Probably no action would be taken until the next accident happens,” Bernarte said.

It’s tragic that the Bernarte family witnessed multiple crashes into their beloved home, but it’s about time that they move out of that accident-prone location. 

Banner Image Credit: Twitter, @ABC11_WTVD

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