A Desperate Trump Is Giving Himself Fake Awards

Donald Trump makes his latest claim that he was given a prestigious award for which there is no record. This time, it's Michigan's Man Of The Year.

Donald Trump has made yet another unfounded claim on the campaign trail; this time, that he was Michigan's Man Of The Year in 2011. The Huffington Post confirmed that there are, as of yet, no records of the recognition ever having been given to Mr. Trump.

While campaigning in Sterling Heights, Michigan, Trump claimed that he was given the award for his assistance to Michigan's automotive industry. Trump even went so far as to describe his acceptance speech of the alleged award and fabricated backlash in response to it. 

"During my speech all I talked about is what Mexico and these other countries are doing to us and especially what they are doing to Michigan and I was criticized," Trump claimed.

The Huffington Post reports that they contacted the governor of Michigan, Trump's campaign, old news records, current journalists versed in Trump's records—nothing. The Michigan Chamber of Commerce reported that they don't even have a 'Man of the Year' award.

This would not be the first time Trump lied about receiving a prestigious award on the campaign trail. Trump's campaign claimed that the GOP nominee was awarded a medal by the NAACP for helping inner cities, even sharing a photo of Trump supposedly wearing the medal alongside Rosa Parks and Muhammad Ali.

The medal Trump was wearing, however, was an honor created by Trump's real estate broker, William Fugazy, in protest against an awards ceremony honoring immigrants of color. The Ellis Island Medal of Honor, which Trump was given, is primarily awarded to white Americans of European descent.

Trump has been consistently under fire for his inflated ego as countless stories have revealed his insecurity and self-absorption, from using charity money to buy a six-foot-tall portrait of himself to his now-ubiquitous claims that everybody "loves" him. It could be argued that one of Trump's greatest threats in the final weeks of the election has been the leaked audio of himself bragging about his (nonconsensual) sexual conquests, which brought an avalanche of sexual assault accusations into the public eye. In the recording, Trump tellingly referred to himself as a "star."

So is this final claim to greatness as Michigan's Man of the Year, 2011, just Trump's final, desperate bid to stroke his own ego and boost his lagging poll numbers? If his plan was to impress voters at the 11th hour, perhaps Trump should have tried some honesty and modesty instead.

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