14 Young Children Were Poisoned After Eating 'Laced' Candy At School

A dozen Chicago students were taken to the hospital after becoming sick due to consuming "laced" candy containing an unidentifiable substance.

Fourteen students at an elementary school in the West Side of Chicago were hospitalized Wednesday after eating candy that had been laced with an unknown substance.

How the students gained access to the laced candy is currently unclear, but the students were taken to the hospital and treated, Uproxx reports. 

The school's concern surrounding the students' wellbeing grew around 9 a.m. after learning that the students had ingested candy containing an unidentified substance.

The situation worsened after parents' confusion arose when details surrounding the ordeal became muddled. 

"Parents were initially given conflicting accounts of what happened as ambulances arrived and began taking away children. Some were told it was a drill, others that it was an emergency of some kind. One grandparent of a student told parents that older students had candy with marijuana."

Chicago Public Schools released a statement about the situation stating that the students "are in good condition, and none of the students' symptoms are life-threatening." 

CPS says that a review and investigation of the situation is currently underway but no other details have been released. 

Banner / Thumbnail : Reuters, Shannon Stapleton

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