A Facebook Post May Put You In Jail In Israel — If You’re Palestinian

A Palestinian construction worker posted an image of a man in the West Bank next to a bulldozer alongside a good morning message. The Israeli police arrested him.

Israeli border policemen standing in a row and holding their guns

Israeli armed forces have proven, once again, that they have no respect for Palestinians — or justice, for that matter.

On Oct. 15, a Palestinian construction worker posted a picture of a man smiling, smoking a cigarette, and holding a cup of coffee while standing next to a bulldozer. The image placed the man in the Beitar Illit settlement in the Judean Mountains of the West Bank.

Alongside the image, the man wrote, “good morning to you all.”

Unfortunately, there’s a very small difference between the colloquial Arabic phrase the man posted and “hurt them,” The Times of Israel reported. As a result, Israel Police’s West Bank division believed the man was inciting violence against settlers and Israel in general with the image of the bulldozer, which had been used in attacks in the past. As a result, the man was arrested on “suspicion of incitement.”

As police interrogated the man, they realized they had made a mistake and allowed him to go free.

The police confirmed the incident and reassured news organizations that the man had been let go after noting the mistake.

While this particular circumstance ended positively for the Palestinian man, the fact the Israeli police were so quick to jump to conclusions and arrest him without consulting a translator first demonstrates how eager they are to target Palestinians over virtually anything.

It’s unlikely that the police would have done the same if the target had been an Israeli using inflammatory rhetoric and imagery to incite fellow Israelis to attempt violence against Palestinians.

After all, even their own legislators have done exactly that in the past, and yet, they remain free.

Banner and thumbnail image credit: Reuters/Mohamad Torokman

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