A Man Broke Into A Mosque In Arizona And Defiled 130 Qurans

"Unfortunately the vandal has not yet been caught," the Islamic Center of Tucson wrote. "We are asking the supportive Tucson community for their help."

In yet another in a series of attacks on Muslim property, a man yet to be identified broke into a Tucson mosque and ripped up copies of the Quran, the Huffington Post reports

The Islamic Center of Tucson detailed the crime in a Facebook post:

The incident occurred the morning of March 13.

"The camera footage leads us to believe the sole intent of this individual was to damage the center's religious property," the organization wrote. "The Tucson Police Department responded quickly. As always, they were kind, courteous, and thorough with their investigation."

Thought the center is "disheartened," it recognizes the isolation of the attack.

"The ICT has been a part of the Tucson community since the late 1980s and since then, the Tucson community has been kind, welcoming, and supportive," the organization wrote.

The center is calling on the community to pinpoint the criminal.

"We thank the Tucson Police Department for working hard on this investigation. We thank the Tucson community for their continued support," the ICT wrote.

We can only hope locals rally behind the center — so far, the post is nearly a thousand shares strong — and the vandal is identified and served the swift hand of justice. 

No doubts about it: These Islamophobic attacks are happening far too frequently. 

Banner/thumbnail credit: Flickr, U.S. Embassy, Jakarta 

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