A Muslim Woman Helped Police Capture The Paris Attacks Mastermind

The Washington Post reports that a Muslim woman close to the mastermind was a key witness in helping capture him.


The Washington Post reveals that a Muslim woman close to Abdelhamid Abaaoud—the architect of the Paris attacks—is the one who led police to ultimately capture Abaaoud.

Two days after the horrific bombings that struck Paris, Abaaoud ventured in the city to meet two women—his cousin, Hasna Aitboulahcen, and his unnamed “surrogate mother,” who had gone to the police earlier to give them information about Abaaoud after feeling extremely troubled by his decisions.

As the Washington Post reports, “François Molins, the Paris prosecutor, said that a key witness helped identify Abaaoud on French territory and that investigators ‘were led to this apartment’ by that crucial source.”

This key witness has come forward to the Washington Post to speak about her efforts for a very specific reason. She told the Post, “It’s important the world knows that I am Muslim myself. It’s important to me that people know what Abaaoud and the others did is not what Islam is teaching.”’

Her information was vital in allowing French police to discover Abaaoud’s location quickly after the attacks in Paris.

In the wake of these attacks, there was rampant Islamophobia, propagated by politicians such as Ted Cruz and Donald Trump (and in general, the Republican Party). The notion to ban all Muslims because of this is combated by stories such as the one the Post details—Muslim individuals are crucial in helping the U.S. and the Western world fight against terrorist groups such as ISIS.

This woman’s bravery and heroism will remain anonymous, but it is imperative that her story be told.

Banner Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Krokodyl

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