A New York Cop Who Beat Up An 8th Grader Is Still On Active Duty

An off-duty New York police officer punched a 13-year-old in the ribs who was allegedly "bullying" his son, and remains on active duty during an investigation.

A New York cop currently under investigation for beating a 13-year-old child still remains on active duty as the investigation is being conducted.

According to the New York Post, 36-year-old Ruben Caraballo, a Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority cop, was off duty when he went to his son’s school, Bronx Mathematics Prepatory, and punched a boy in the ribs whom his son pointed out.

Sean Harris, the victim’s father, told WBAC that, “[Caraballo] punched him really hard; he had Ruben on top of my son hitting him in the head. He said to his son, ‘Draw blood.'”

Caraballo and Harris’s sons were allegedly involved in a dispute two weeks prior to the incident. The New York Daily News states that Caraballo was reportedly trying to teach his son to stand up to a bully and fight back—regardless of intent, this behavior is unacceptable from a police officer.

“He's been trying to teach his son to become a man, but I think he (Caraballo) needs to be taught a lesson as well," Harris expressed.

Harris’s lawyer, Sanford Rubenstein, has stated that, “No matter what position you hold, if you assault a 13-year-old child, you will be held accountable.”

Caraballo has been charged with a misdemeanor although he is still on active duty “but is restricted from carrying a firearm while the investigation continues.”

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