Internet Mocks White House Sinkhole As Gateway To Hell

A pair of sinkholes have descended upon the White House lawn, and social media users across the internet just couldn't help themselves from making jokes.

President Donald Trump frequently derided Washington D.C. as a “swamp” that he promised to drain. Although he was being metaphorical, the nation’s capital was actually partially built on a real swamp, and it’s because of that, that sinkholes are popping up around the city — including two on the White House lawn.

Voice of America reporter Steve Herman took note of the sinkholes earlier in the week. At first, there was only one to report on.

“It was noticeably bigger between Sunday and Monday,” Herman said. “It’s more than a foot long right now.”

There now appear to be two sinkholes on the lawn. The internet, of course, was quick to comment on the issue, taking aim at the sinkholes as allegories for the politics of the day.

The sinkhole has even inspired a Twitter account to be created in its honor.

Herman shared an update that the sinkhole has now been covered. 

These types of jokes would likely be made to a certain extent regardless of who was residing in the White House. However, because of Trump’s disastrous presidency so far (in such a short time being in office), it’s likely that these jokes are more prevalent than normal.

Indeed, as the old idiom states, there’s a grain of truth behind every joke — and in this instance, the symbolism of the sinkhole being near the White House isn’t difficult to notice.

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