A Swarm Of Bees Visited Muhammad Ali’s ‘Sting Like A Bee’ Mural

In a moment of beautiful coincidence, a swarm of bees hovered near a mural that honors Ali's famous quote, "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee."

After esteemed boxer Muhammad Ali’s unexpected death over the weekend, one of his most beautiful, well-known quotes was oft repeated: “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”

Ali said this now-famous phrase before a highly anticipated 1974 fight with George Foreman. 

A mural outside of the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, Kentucky honors this quote—it’s painted in large letters directly opposite the center.

In a moment of magical coincidence, a swarm of bees hovered around this mural and a nearby tree on Sunday.

According to local beekeeper Kevin McKinney, an estimated 15,000 bees visited the area—an unprecedented amount.

While swarms of bees have been near the area before, they have never rested in the tree next to the mural. McKinney noted that, “The irony is not lost on me at all.”

Mourners of Ali near the center told WLKY that they found it to be an “amazing moment.”

Whether it simply was a coincidence or a sign from above, the occurrence appeared to be nature’s wonderful way to pay tribute to one of the greatest boxing legends of all time

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: REUTERS/Andreas Meier

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