A Victim-Blaming CNN Host Stood No Chance Against This Politician

When a CNN host tried to talk about the victim of Brooklyn's gang rape, a New York politician rightfully steered the conversation to the perpetrators.


Was just watching CNN, and this women on the right just shut down this CNN reporter who asked her about the victim of a...

Posted by Ben Pall on  Monday, January 11, 2016


The horrifying gang rape that occurred in Brooklyn, New York last week has been at the forefront of the news cycle, particularly as new details of the incident have been steadily emerging. Among these new details are claims that the victim of the attack could have been drunk or violent.

CNN anchor Pamela Brown latched onto these claims while speaking with New York City councilwoman Laurie Cumbo. Brown told Cumbo that, “this alleged victim in this case was drunk, combative…bit a police officer and…she initially refused treatment. What can you tell us about that?"

Cumbo sharply responded:  "I would say that that's typical of just what I spoke about — that individuals often talk about the woman; they rarely talk about the individuals who actually committed the rape. Those are the individuals that need to be focused on right now.

“We shouldn't talk about whether she was drunk, we shouldn't talk about whether she was properly dressed, we shouldn't talk about the time in the evening that it happened. That is too typical of the situation of how we discuss rape in the city, the nation and, really, the world. We need to focus in this situation on those five individuals that committed this heinous crime.”

For Brown to put emphasis on behavior of the victim that might have incited the rape is shameful—no one holds responsibility for this other than the five rapists, which Cumbo rightfully pointed out.

A viewer caught the exchange between Brown and Cumbo and posted in on Facebook, telling his followers, “Seriously everyone must watch this, all women matter.”

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