911 Caller Says He Was In Plane Crash, Turns Out He Was Only Dreaming

A 75-year-old Washington man, who had taken the drug Ambien, called 911 after believing he was in a plane crash when it was actually just a dream.

A Washington man frantically called 911 after consuming a sleeping aid drug that caused him to hallucinate and believe he was part of a plane crash near Seattle, according to New York Daily News.

The unidentified man took half of an Ambien pill right before he went to bed because he had trouble sleeping from a recent surgery.

The 75-year-old called the emergency line, informing them that the small plane he was in crashed from Renton and was on its way to Oregon.

He also told 911 that three other people were left unconscious from the crash and that he was pinned “in the field with trees.”

Dr. Gandis Mazeika, a sleep expert with Sound Sleep Health, said, “It must have seemed really real to him for him to call 911. It must have been like a real hallucination for him and that does speak to some of the potency of Ambien.”

WebMD reported that other side effects of Ambien include: drowsiness, confusion, unawareness, aggressive behavior and low blood pressure.

This is a serious warning and wake up call for people who take sleeping pills.

Post-surgery, the man should have been more aware of the side effects of taking Ambien and how it could take a toll on his well-being. 

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