A Woman Gives Over $50 To A Local Bar In Memory Of A Fallen Soldier

Generousity comes in all forms on a daily basis. For an unknown woman in the U.S., she donated money to customers at a local bar in rememberance of a fallen soldier.

On Memorial Day, many people recollect and remember those in the armed forces who have bravely served our country.

Few people go out of their way and show true humanity by giving back as part of a remembrance of those fallen and active soldiers.

This Memorial Day, an unnamed woman went to a local bar in her area and left over $50 in cash along with a heartfelt note that stated “Happy Memorial Day, have a beer on me!”

Along with her generous memorial day donation, she stated in her hand-made sign that the reason behind her monetary giving is in memory and appreciation for all of the people who have served our country in the United States over the years and currently.

Specifically, the unidentified woman mentioned that her act of kindness was in memory of United States Army Captain, Jesse Ozbat-who was killed two years ago by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan.

Whether we decide to donate money to our local hang-out spot or tell funny or deep stories about a loved one who has served our country, we need to be more like this unknown woman and give more of our hearts, time, or even money in giving back and carrying on their legacy in serving others. 

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: REUTERS/Erik De Castro

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