A Woman Is Now Homeless After Criminals Stole Her Entire House

A woman came back home to find an empty lot where her house once stood. Police are now asking anyone with information that may lead to the criminals to step up.

Mobile home surrounded by trees.

A woman in the United Kingdom is now homeless after someone stole her entire home.

Thieves showed up at the door of a mobile home between Wednesday, Nov. 22, and Thursday, Nov. 23, in Cullompton, U.K., and loaded the entire house on a low-loader, driving off with the woman’s residence. She wasn’t present at the time of the incident and claims that thieves appeared to have entered through a locked yard.

Local Police Chief Marie Gorfin said that the criminals had to have special tools to have pulled off such a feat.

“The home would have to had to been taken by a specific low loader trailer that is capable of taking a caravan of this size and by someone that knew what they were doing,” she told reporters.

Because of the nature of the crime, Gorfin said the victim is distraught, as she’s now homeless and deprived of all her personal belongings.

It’s heartbreaking to know that someone would be this cruel, stealing somebody’s entire home. But considering how much effort was put into this robbery, one must wonder why the thieves would go to such lengths to steal this particular mobile home.

Regardless of motives, we hope the thieves are found and the victim’s home is retrieved.

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