Woman Sues Doctor For 'Wrongful Conception' After Unplanned Pregnancy

A Michigan woman is suing her doctor for stress caused by a wrongful conception, after her doctor informed her she couldn’t get pregnant, and she did.

Receiving misleading information from doctors regarding pregnancy can change a person’s life forever.

Lori Cichewicz, 50, is suing her doctor for wrongful conception and emotional distress from a misdiagnosis eight years ago, according to FOX 2.

A doctor in Oakland County, Michigan informed Cichewicz that she didn’t need to receive permanent birth control that she planned on getting because she did not have a chance of getting pregnant due to the blocking of her fallopian tubes.

Cichewicz took the doctor’s advice and ended up getting pregnant three years after her misdiagnosis with a baby girl who has Down syndrome.

The civil court has ruled a limited chance of Cichewicz receiving money for damages for emotional distress from her surprise pregnancy.

Charlie Langton—a FOX 2 legal analyst— said, "The stress associated with thinking about of [sic] having to be pregnant or being pregnant when she didn't want to be pregnant are the only damages."

Reagan, Cichewicz’s daughter, is now 5 years old and the woman has embraced her daughter in her life.

"She’s full of life, loving, kind, sweet, everything you could ever imagine," Cichewicz told WXYZ.

This isn’t the first case of malpractice from doctors in wrongful birth lawsuits

In 2014, Sarah and Mark Hall sued their obstetrician for damages in a wrongful birth lawsuit after their daughter was born with a rare genetic disorder that the doctors did not inform the couple that she had, according to The Daily Beast.

Cichewicz’s wrongful birth case will go into a jury trial later this year, Fox 8 reports.

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