A Woman Was Fined $27,000 For Her Own Rape

A German model pressed charges against two men whom she claims drugged and raped her, yet the presiding judge gave her the steepest punishment.


A German model reported being raped and ended up getting find a whopping $27,000.

Former “Germany’s Next Top Model” contestant Gina-Lisa Lohfink pressed charges against two men whom she says drugged and raped her and posted the whole thing online.

The judge presiding over the case, however, gave the defendants a light fine but ordered Lohfink to pay a $27,000 fine.

The unnamed judge determined that during the ordeal, Lohfink only objected to the filming but not to the sex thus making her claim of being raped false.

“They are turning me from a victim into an offender,” Lohfink reportedly told Der Spiegel ’s online edition. “Do I have to be killed first? Will the legal authorities only get it then?”

The two men were only found guilty of wrongfully making and distributing the sex tape and were each fined $1,500, The Washington Post reports — mere chump change compared to Lohfink’s fee.

Lohfink’s attorney, Burkhard Benecken, argued against the judge’s analysis of the video:

"She didn’t say ‘No, stop filming!’ She said ‘No, no, no!'” he said. “It's a daring theory to say that she referred to the filming. Does this mean a man can just continue without asking her what she means and later say, ‘Oh, I thought she said ‘No!’ because the music was too loud, or the light was blinding her?'”

Lohfink’s case has sparked controversy throughout Germany among supporters and critics. Those who back her are outraged that she was punished for her own rape and that the media has used her public image and sexuality to discredit her.

One German feminist blogger named Anne Wizorek addressed the media’s sexist portrayal of Lohfink: [They are painting] “an image of someone who isn’t credible ... Often she was simply described as ‘the blonde,’ which would never happen, if she had been a man,” she said. “By evoking such images, a judgment is basically being cast on her.”

This ordeal has put a spotlight on rape culture in Germany and the way the country views sexual assault. Their weak rape laws are reminiscent of what we’ve seen in the United States several times including in the recent case of pop singer Ke$ha who was skewered and humiliated after going public about being sexually assaulted by her producer.

The slap on the wrist that the two accused men received in Lohfink’s case is also similar to the extremely short six month sentence that Stanford student Brock Turner received after he was tried for raping an unconscious woman.

While false rape reporting is real and does contribute to the difficulty in prosecuting sexual assault cases, the overarching principle that “No means no” should always hold up in the eyes of the law.

This was not a case of her word against theirs, the judge had video evidence that Lohfink said the words “no” and “stop,” and that should have been enough. 

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