Abu Dhabi Tackling Climate Change Is Rather Ironic

World leaders are going to unite in Abu Dhabi to discuss climate change, but the entire situation of the UAE tackling climate change seems a bit off.

Following the 2015 Paris Climate Change Conference, Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week is all set to host an action day for leaders from around the world to come together to discuss solutions to global warming. The aim is to devise workable solutions to drop levels of global warming to less than 2 degrees Celsius.

The Abu Dhabi Global Action Day on Jan. 18 will revolve around the goals of COP21 and feature work on innovative policies, technology, investment and partnership solutions.

Since the Paris Agreement, this event is the first major international gathering aimed at addressing climate change and its solutions.

“It will serve as a pivotal platform to turn political commitments into practical action. I welcome the UAE’s leadership in sustaining the political momentum from Paris to achieve a better future for people and our planet,” said United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

The action day also seeks to figure out the role the public and private section can play in tackling climate change before 2020. It will also look at ADSW’s role as a platform for launching new technologies, policies and financing.

“The UAE is committed to driving forward the path to a sustainable future through diversifying our economy,” said Al Jaber. “We welcome our partners to Abu Dhabi and look forward to identifying areas of collaboration and encouraging solutions to commercialize new technologies that address climate change.”

Although the efforts on Abu Dhabi’s part art rather commendable, it is quite ironic that the capital of the UAE, a country whose economy thrives on oil exports and high-rise buildings, is hosting talks for climate change. After all, it is not difficult to figure that oil exploring and the construction of buildings leads to immense pollution, resulting in the destruction of the natural environment.

One Twitter user put the entire deal into perspective rather aptly:


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