Abuse Survivor Can't Hold Back Tears After Dentist Fixes Broken Tooth

"I came back to somebody I thought I lost a long time ago,” said 28-year-old Kyleigha Scott of her newly-restored smile thanks to her selfless dentist.

A domestic violence survivor’s long road to healing has gotten a little shorter with the help of a generous dentist.

Kyleigha Scott, 28, has been living with a chipped tooth since Christmas Day 2014 when her abusive ex-boyfriend head-butted her for no reason, Global News reports.

The young woman from Marshall, Texas, said from that point on she could no longer look at her reflection in the mirror without reliving that painful experience. Although she got rid of the boyfriend, the broken tooth served as a constant reminder of his attack.

However, last week, on Oct. 12 a dentist changed Scott’s life forever with a selfless act. Dr. Kenny Wilstead, who owns Marshall Family Dental, fixed her broken tooth at no charge.

“I am learning how to smile all over again. In every single picture my mouth was closed. After [the dentist] fixed my tooth that day, he brought someone back I thought I lost … I came back to somebody I thought I lost a long time ago,” Scott said.

Scott went to the dentist, in the first place, to have an infected tooth extracted after finding Wilstead’s dental practice through a friend.

“After the extraction he said ‘hold on one second, we’re going to fix that front tooth for free.’ It was unbelievable” Scott told Global News. “He was really curious as to what happened,” she added.

Before now, Scott couldn’t afford to get her tooth fixed and was reportedly counting on her 2018 tax return refund check to pay for the procedure.

“I just felt like she’d been through enough and it was about time someone gave her a break in life,” Wilstead said of his good deed.

A now-viral video from the moment Scott saw her fixed tooth captures her crying uncontrollable happy tears

“It’s really hard to explain, there were so many emotions running through my mind and body at that moment … I was just filled with joy and lifted beyond words.”

“I feel like this huge weight is lifted off of me. I can move forward now,” she continued.

This just goes to show how a little bit of kindness can go such a long way. Taking just 10 extra minutes out of the dentist's day was able to drastically change his patient's life for the better. This is the beautiful outcome you get when you value people over money. 

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