45,000 Black Voters Targeted In Mike Pence's Home State

A major case of voter suppression has occurred in the Hoosier state, where the voter registrations of at least 45,000 black voters were rejected.

In light of Donald Trump claiming that the election is “rigged,” his running mate, Indiana state governor Mike Pence, has called for “vigilance” against voter fraud.

However, according to a report by New York University’s Brennan Center for Justice, “voter fraud” is largely a myth promoted by the GOP, since it’s incredibly rare. Claims of voter fraud will inevitably lead to voter disenfranchisement, as is evidenced in Florida by George W. Bush’s campaign in the 2000 election race against Al Gore.

Recently, a skirmish over alleged voter fraud has broken out in Pence’s home state, where a black voter registration drive which registered 45,000 voters has been singled out. However, he is conveniently evading responsibility, CNN reported.

Earlier this month on Oct. 4, a mere week after Indiana’s voter registration deadline, police raided and shut down the Indianapolis headquarters of a non-profit called the Indiana Voter Registration Project which was registering black voters.

The Project was subjected to a search by state police who were acting on behalf of specific instructions to close down its registration office. The instructions were sent from the office of Connie Lawson (R), Indiana’s Secretary of State.

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In the letter, Lawson wrote, “Unfortunately, it has recently come to my attention that nefarious actors are operating here in Indiana. A group by the name of the Indiana Voter Registration Project has forged voter registrations…”

According to Chicago Tribune, Hoosiers are the least likely to vote compared to any other state. In the last election, only 28 percent voted of those who were eligible.

It appears that when the GOP state leaders realized that there were counter-Republican efforts to get the vote out, Lawson took it upon herself to extinguish these efforts.

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However, perhaps Lawson is just taking the blame. Patriot Majority, who runs The Project claims that the operation against it — which was the largest statewide voter registration effort — was led by none other than Pence himself.

Hindsight can be 20—20. The voter suppression which took place in Florida in 2000 was enough to give the swing state of Florida over to Bush, who won the state’s vote margin by a mere 537 votes, paving the way for his victory. 

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