Woman Commits Suicide After Ex-Employer’s Mistake Sabotages New Job

Caron Flitcroft took her own life when her job offer was revoked due to wrongfully being accused of gross negligence by her former employers.

An England woman has committed suicide after a job offer was revoked when her new bosses were wrongly informed that she had been let go by her previous place of employment. 

57-year-old, Caron Flitcroft, had been offered a general manager position for a school in East Manchester in June, a huge relief considering she had spent months filling out job applications.

As she prepared to begin her new job, however, things took an upsetting turn when her prospective employers notified Flitcroft that they would be revoking her job offer as they had been informed by her previous employer that she had been fired due to "gross negligence." This was a confusing development for Flitcroft because it had never happened.

What had originally been a source of relief, was now taking a huge toll on her wellbeing. In addition to being unemployed, Flitcroft was also under investigation for fraud even though she had yet to be found guilty of any wrongdoing.

"She was filling her time up with job applications. She was under investigation at that point for a criminal matter that had not been concluded at the time of her death," explained her partner at the time, Mark Armitage. "There had been no conviction and she remained a lady of good character but she was desperately worried and frightened."

After continuing to search for a job and failing to find one, Flitcroft took her own life

"You have blood on your hands — enough is enough, no more," she wrote in a suicide note to her previous employers. She was found hanged in her garage on the 12th anniversary of her late husband's death. 

Armitage described her as a compassionate, loving, and selfless person. 

"Nothing was ever too much trouble and she never forgot friends and relatives anniversaries or birthdays," he said. "People would be left with a feeling of warmth when she met them."

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