Islamophobes Raise Money By Offering Tours At Trump Hotel

The group wrote to donors after the election saying that it “has a direct line to Donald Trump, and has played a fundamental role in shaping his views.”

An anti-Sharia group is calling for donations, and is raising money for its upcoming conference by offering donors a private tour and cocktails at Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C.

According to promotional materials published on ACT for America’s website, the group is giving donors who contribute $10,000 “a private tour” and “pre-conference cocktails.” The donors will be accompanied by the group’s founder Brigitte Gabriel.

The organization has repeatedly claimed that radical Islam is to be blamed for the “assault” of Judeo-Christian culture. The group also initiated “March Against Sharia” rallies across the country and is touting the chance to enjoy access to a signature business owned by the president.

Both the Trump Organization and ACT for America declined to comment on the tour. Christine Da Silva, a Trump Organization spokeswoman, said due to “guest privacy” they were unable to comment on it. She also added that “private tours about the history of the building are organized periodically.”

The conference is scheduled to be held in October.

In an attempt to tempt donors, Gabriel shared pictures of herself at White House and Mar-a-Lago, where she reportedly met with a staff member handling legislative affairs.. After the election, she also said that the group “has a direct line to Donald Trump and ACT has played a fundamental role in shaping his views.”


ACT has been labeled as an extremist group characterized by “wild hate speech demonizing Muslims” and a mission to advance anti-Muslim legislation around the country by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The group stated on promotional material, “Political correctness and cowardness has no place in America. We will not be silenced. We will not fail. We will ensure that America remains the brightest star shining on a hill over the world.”

The promotion by the Islamophobic group has once again sparked ethics debate. Several lawsuits allege that Trump is profiting from foreign governments. Lawmakers also argued that due to his refusal to fully divest himself from his private businesses, Trump had accepted money from foreign governments through the Trump Organization without congressional approval.

"The president’s failure to tell us about these emoluments, to disclose the payments and benefits that he is receiving, mean that we cannot do our job," Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) explained to Reuters. "We cannot consent to what we don’t know."


Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters 

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