Activist Launches #CincoDeDACA Fundraiser To Help Undocumented Youth

Nestor Ruiz, the national digital organizer for United We Dream Network Inc., is urging people to donate to his fundraiser, #CincoDeDACA, to help immigrant youth.

Demonstrators hold "Defend DACA" signs during a protest in front of the White House.

This year for Cinco de Mayo, there is something much more impactful people can do besides typical, culturally-insensitive American customs, such as drinking margaritas and eating tacos while wearing sombreros.

Nestor Ruiz, the national digital organizer for United We Dream Network Inc., is urging people to donate to his fundraiser, #CincoDeDACA, to help five of his young immigrant friends renew their protected status under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. 

“Instead of getting drunk and appropriating someone else's culture make a donation instead to make sure immigrant youth have two more years of being able to work to provide for their families,” Ruiz wrote in the Facebook fundraiser's description. 

According to Remezcla, Ruiz had the idea after scrolling through social media and noticing the excitement people seemed to have for the upcoming holiday. While discussing it with a friend, he made a casual joke about a fundraiser called "Cinco De DACA" before ultimately bringing it to fruition.

DACA has been a hot-button political issue since last September when President Donald Trump’s administration announced that the program would be coming to an end. Although it was set to be rescinded in March, multiple federal court rulings have blocked the cancelation from going through.

However, DACA’s continuance has not stopped the administration from using Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to target immigrant communities and carry out deportation raids.

“They are hunting us down in schools, hospitals, churches, our workplaces and hasta on the Greyhound in order to put us in detention camps and then erase us from this country,” Ruiz told Remezcla. “So because folks love celebrating Cinco de Mayo in this country, I thought they could better invest that energy and funds into helping immigrant youth renew their DACA status.”

The day, itself, celebrates the 1862 Battle of Puebla in which the Mexican army thwarted a French invasion. However, Americans have hijacked it and inadvertently made it a day dedicated to appropriating Mexican culture.

At the time of writing, Ruiz's fundraiser had already raised nearly $4,000, exceeding its original $2,475 goal. However, that number is sure to grow as the campaign will continue through Monday. 

If you're looking to contribute to something meaningful this Cinco de Mayo that doesn't involve casual racism, look no further than #CincoDeDACA. 

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Pixabay, Pawiis09

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