Activists Propose To GOP Senators To Keep Health Care

Activists dressed as brides asked to marry Senate bachelors so they could remain insured when the Senate GOP's health care bill is signed into law.

The battle over who gets to write the “right” health care reform bill continues among GOP legislators, but Democrats are also on the attack.

Now, a group of progressives are using irreverence to get their message across — and it's working.

Activist group Indivisible Midlands, a grassroots organization from South Carolina's 2nd District, thought that the best way to stay insured even if the Senate GOP's health care bill is signed into law is by getting their hands on the same privileges lawmakers have. And for that to happen, they decided that marrying bachelor Republican senators is the way to go.

In a video uploaded Tuesday, group members dressed as brides made their wishes public by mockingly proposing to Sens. Tim Scott and Lindsey Graham, two bachelors who represent South Carolina. During their public performance, they chanted: “No we aren't in love, just want your health care plan. I'm that scared Lindsey, I think I got to marry you.”

As the video went viral, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow also shared it with her Twitter followers, helping it to reach an even greater number of people.

As activists and Democratic lawmakers consider ways to tackle the Senate GOP's health care bill if it becomes a reality, some people turn to parody while others turn to legislation.

Thinking of ways to address the issues that could be caused by the GOP's piece of legislation, New York Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney introduced his “Do Unto Others” bill. The text requires that members of Congress “buy the plans with less coverage or higher costs” they are hoping to have legislated into the country's health care law. With this bill, Maloney hopes to show just how hypocritical and immoral the GOP-led effort is.

"What's good for the goose is good for the gander," Maloney said. "Members of Congress who vote for a garbage [health care] bill shouldn't get to keep their special access to Obamacare while they stick their constituents with more expensive plans that cover less."

He finished his statement with the following:

“Don’t think your state should cover Essential Health Benefits like hospital stays or prescription drugs? Then your family shouldn’t get that coverage either. If you think high risk pools are so great, you can join one. Think older folks should be charged more for their care? You can pay those rates too.”

While it's difficult to tell now which approach to the Senate's new health care reform bill will actually work best, it's sure interesting to see how creative many activists and lawmakers have become in their quest to highlight the issues with the bill currently under consideration in Washington.

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