Activists Trapped In Besieged Aleppo Tweet Out Their Final Goodbyes

Several activists and civilians trapped in Aleppo took to Twitter to communicate with family and friends for what may be the very last time.

Early Tuesday, several Syrian activists trapped in the war-torn city of Aleppo shared what they believed to be their final goodbyes as the government forces closed in and chances of survival seemed grim.

One of those activists includes 7-year-old Bana Alabed, who has become a popular figure on Twitter as she regularly documents everything going on around her using the handle @AlabedBana.

Last week, it was feared that she had already perished because she had gone silent on Twitter for several days. The Twittersphere was relieved to learn she was alive once she finally posted a fresh update, but death looms over her with each passing day.

According to Mashable, the United Nation’s human rights office said that Syrian pro-government forces had been going into homes and killing all those inside, including women and children.

As of Tuesday evening, reports announced that the battle of Aleppo has ended after many years of fighting.

Despite this recent development, the clips that various people posted captured the very chilling fear they were experiencing. It is incredibly heartbreaking as each person noted that their recordings may be their last communication before facing death.

According to Reuters, the approximately 100,000 people who were believed to be trapped inside a tiny area of southern Aleppo’s al-Ansari Mashad District will be evacuated. 

As we go through each day normally at work, school, etc., these videos serve as a devastating reminder of the horrors people face in other parts of the world. We can only hope that these activists and others who were trapped made it through the day to see the fighting finally come to an end. 

Banner Photo Credit: Reuters

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