Rep. Adam Schiff Warns GOP Is Trying To Kill Off Russia Investigation

California Rep. Adam Schiff has raised alarm the Republicans are moving to curtail the Russia probe targeting Robert Muller.

California Rep. Adam Schiff (D) recently expressed his worries regarding the Republican Party’s attempts to curtail the inquiry into the alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia during 2016 presidential elections.

In a series of tweets, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee explained how Republicans on the committee may be looking to cover up the investigation into the reported Russian interference by the end of the year.


According to Schiff, the GOP has refused to schedule further interviews with “dozens of outstanding witnesses on key aspects of our investigation”– even though the committee has made important progress after such interviews in the past.



Meanwhile, the Republicans have scheduled interviews with two important witnesses in New York next week, according to the Democrat lawmaker. As The Wall Street Journal reported, those witnesses are Trump’s longtime assistant Rhona Graff, who is now a senior vice president in the Trump Organization, and Felix Sater, a Trump associate linked to Trump Tower in Moscow.

It is important to note Trump falsely claimed he had no business interests in Russia during his divisive presidential campaign.

In one of his tweets, the California representative suggested a pressure to quickly windup the probe was coming from House Speaker Paul Ryan, who is apparently under immense pressure by President Donald Trump and his cronies, all of whom are vying to shut down the probe and instead want the special counsel to investigate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.



Republicans begun to target Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia after reports revealed the FBI removed Peter Strzok, a top agent, from the probe.

Strzok reportedly sent text messages that could be seen as critical of the commander-in-chief.

Now, the GOP is suggesting the public could no longer trust Mueller and is imploring the Justice Department to conduct an unbiased investigation, according to NBC News.

Schiff believes these attacks on Mueller are attempts to derail the probe.



Earlier, Trump called various congressional Republicans involved in investigating his alleged Russian ties to urge them to cut short their probes, reported the New York Times.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) and Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr (R-N.C.) were also reportedly contacted by the commander-in-chief.

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