Elderly Couple Stands Up For Asian Family During Racist Bus Attack

After watching a woman harass an Asian couple and their toddler for over a minute, Jenny and Clive Starr decided to intervene and put a stop to it.

Racist Bus Attack

For some reason, public transport has become a breeding ground for bigots in not only the United States — where hate crimes have dramatically skyrocketed since Donald Trump’s big election win — but also elsewhere in the world.

Case in point: commuters on a public bus in Adelaide, Australia, recently witnessed an old woman racially harassing an Asian couple and a child. Fortunately, a passenger was able to film the expletive-filled rant.

“They're not f****** people, they're not f****** Australian and she didn't pay for her f****** ticket, dickhead,” the woman bellowed. “Literally, they're f****** invading our country, can't you see it, f****** Chinese people, f****** everywhere.”

Apparently, the raging woman was furious that the toddler had not paid for a ticket.

After more than a minute, two commuters, Jenny and Clive Starr, decided to step in and told the woman “you're a disgrace” and “that's enough” — something that infuriated her even more.

“Disgrace? You're a disgrace,” the unidentified racist fired back. “Letting these people into f****** Australia, eh.”

The elderly couple told local news channel that they wanted to stop the woman from hurling racial abuse. Moreover, they also tried to comfort the victims after they got off the bus.

“We thought if we got up and confronted her and blocked her off and just tell her 'enough,' just stop now, no more,” said Jenny Starr. “They huddled together and assured each other that it was OK ... and I went up later and apologized and asked them if they were all right, and they were OK.”

This world truly needs more people like the Starrs.

Meanwhile, the police are currently looking for the bigoted woman and have declared the incident “not acceptable.” The offender could also face charges of disorderly behavior.

Find out more in the video below:

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