It’s True: Hitler Once Promised To ‘Make Germany Great Again’

A 1934 article tells the story of Hitler’s rise, how people initially “laughed at him” and how he then promised to “make Germany great again.”

Adolf Hitler

Donald Trump’s unabashedly bigoted rhetoric and dangerous proposals during his presidential campaign drew numerous comparisons with the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.

Celebrities and various other important public figures, as well as Anne Frank’s stepsister Eva Schloss, wondered if the media mogul could be Hitler reincarnated. And you can’t blame them since there are some uncanny similarities between the two – so much so that even the Republican presidential candidate’s fans, in one instance, couldn’t tell the difference between him and the genocidal German leader.

Now, yet another similarity has emerged in the form of an article from 1934, according to which Hitler promised to “make Germany great again.”



Gizmodo reports the said article, published in the January 4, 1934 issue of the Green Bay Press-Gazette, “was part of a series on ‘Modern Leaders of Men’ and was syndicated in newspapers across the United States in 1934. It showed up in places like Utah, Arizona, South Carolina, and Missouri.”

It tells the story of Hitler’s rise, how people initially “laughed at him” and how, later, he vowed to “make Germany great again.”

Nearly a century later, Trump – who was also laughed at when he announced his presidential campaign, pledged to “Make America Great Again.”

Scary, isn’t it?

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