Cubs Save The Day After Adult Fan Steals Baseball From A Child

An adult fan shamelessly stole a baseball intended for a child. Thankfully, Chicago Cubs took notice of this horrible behavior and made sure the young fan got the ball and more.


In the world of sports, it’s kind of an unwritten rule that children are first in line when souvenirs come flying into the stands during games. But if some adult fan at the stadium with superior hand-eye coordination manages to grab the memento first, then they have every right to keep it since they have probably paid just as much for the seats as some young fan did.

That being said, stealing a souvenir intended for a kid is not OK under any circumstances.

Unfortunately, that’s what an adult fan did during a recent game at Wrigley Field in Chicago, when he shamelessly stole the baseball that was originally tossed to a kid sitting in front of him.

However, the adult fan’s inconsiderate behavior was caught on camera, prompting the 2016 World Series champions, Chicago Cubs, to intervene and give their young fan more than what he missed out on.

According to the footage, when first base coach Will Venable tossed a baseball to a young fan seated in the first row, it bounced and went beneath the seats. That was when a middle-aged man in the second row conveniently picked it up and handed it to the woman sitting next to him.

What’s even worse, the two did not appear to have a hint of shame on their faces whatsoever. Instead, they shared a good laugh while the kid apparently accepted his fate with a forlorn expression on his face.

But surely good things come to those who wait,  as soon enough, the team took notice of the episode and made sure to give their young fan not only a baseball but also one-up the adult baseball fans.


However, it wasn’t for the first time an adult fan tried to steal or out-muscle foul balls from children at baseball games. There are many well-documented instances of selfish adults at sport games who put their own happiness before the joy of children.


Banner Image Credits: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports - Reuters

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