What You Need To Know About America's “Forever War” With Afghanistan

The United States' war with Afghanistan started during Bush administration, following the 9/11 attack, mainly to target Osama bin Laden and the Taliban government.

President Donald Trump, who once called the war in Afghanistan “a complete waste,” recently laid down a vague strategy for the conflict that has been going on for the past 16 years. The reality TV star-turned-politician wants to increase the U.S. military might in the South Asian country, as he called for an increase of troops to assist and train Afghan forces.

However, the United States’ war with Afghanistan has been dubbed as “Forever War.

Former President Barack Obama also temporarily increased the U.S. troop presence in Afghanistan in 2009, but the strategy failed. Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats noted in May the security situation in Afghanistan is only likely to get worse, as the U.S.-backed Afghan government only controls approximately 57 percent of the country and continues to rely on international support amid ongoing corruption.

The situation continues to deteriorate with government forces controlling just 60 percent of the country and the remaining 40 percent under the control of insurgents.

The Afghan government kept facing a resurgent Taliban, a continued al-Qaida threat and a rising Islamic State presence.

After repeated insurgent attacks and civilian casualties continued to increase, the Obama administration officially ended the long combat mission in 2013.

What Trump wants, apparently, is nothing new.

Also, it is pertinent to note how costly this might be.

More than $700 billion has already been spent to fund reconstruction and war efforts in Afghanistan. According to military strategists, an increase in troops could increase the U.S. spending up to $840 billion.

Learn more about some of the important statistics and numbers behind United States’ longest fought war in the video above.

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