'Day Of The Rope Is Coming': Racist Threats Found On Black Church

Members of Greater Praise Temple Church in Virginia found racist and anti-Semitic messages on their doorstep before entering for Sunday service.

An African-American church community in Dumfries, Virginia, is recovering after finding racist and anti-Semitic signs posted on their front door.

Sister Gwen, a member of the Greater Praise Temple Ministries told a local news anchor that when you enter their church, “love fills the entire room.” It’s that love that members of the church are holding onto after they found a sign threatening lynching on their doorstep Sunday morning.

One sign decorated with the Confederate Flag and a hooded Klansman read, ““Now that’s white power. Day of the rope is coming n****r,” while another proclaimed “The Fourth Reich” and displayed four swastikas.

“It’s very disturbing…it’s like taking us back to the fifties and sixties,” said Gwen.

Fox 5 in Virginia reported that it took two hours for local police to respond to the scene, and that this is the first event of its kind to happen in this community.

Earlier this month white supremacists gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia, to protest the proposed removal of a Robert E. Lee statue. Counter-protesters clashed with neo-Nazis, resulting in an attack against the demonstrators and the murder of activist Heather Heyer.

The resurgence of this hate in communities of color is not only dangerous, it’s unacceptable. Where are police protections? Trump can take the time to be concerned about the safety of law enforcement, but has made no statement on how to protect against the hate of white supremacy.

While communities like those in Berkeley, California, have shown their vehement opposition to Nazi sympathizers and the "alt-right," communities of color, especially those in Southern regions have not found that same support. 

“We are praying for the perpetrators, we are praying for love in the community and not hate,” said Gwen. “We are praying for togetherness and we are praying that they will catch them.”

It's sad that people of color in the United States and abroad have had to fight against threats of violence and institutions of hate for hundreds of years. The time for this to end is now.

Let’s hope the perpetrators of this hate-crime are found and brought to justice. The members of The Greater Praise Temple do not deserve this hate.

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