After Comey's Firing, People Are Demanding Congress #ImpeachTrumpNow

President Donald Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey has sent the nation spinning, and the call to kick him out of the White House has returned in full force.

President Trump speaks during an interview with Reuters in the Oval Office. Reuters

America has undergone no minor amount of upheaval since yesterday, when President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey.

It takes a not quite admirable amount of effort to deny that the president's move doesn't look suspicious; Comey is yet another official who has been shown the door while investigating the Trump camp's ties to Russia. With alarm bells ringing in their ears, Americans are once again demanding that Congress do its job and remove a seemingly compromised president from power.

#ImpeachTrumpNow is creating a storm on Twitter and people are calling out the twisted appearance of current politics, reports Raw Story. In addition to questioning Trump's alleged ties to Russia, some people are doubting Trump's mental stability.

Some of the most poignant social media responses to this recent turn of events have been raw, unnerved, and not without heavy doses of sarcasm and dark humor.

Whatever the angle, there is one thing most people seem to be in agreement about: It's only a matter of time before Trump meets the United States Constitution in a big way. On that day, America may just have a shot at being great again.


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